Two audio cassettes:
The two audio tapes are coordinated with visual materials for tutors and older pupils, giving them a chance to improve their mastery of phonics by using eyes and ears simultaneously. For home-schooling parents, the tapes provide a way to become comfortable with the phonics they need for teaching their children.

The "Cards" Tape is for the vowels. It comes with 15 cards that link color-coded letters, words, and key-word pictures to the auditory instruction. It can be played over and over for ear training, and it also shows ways to make the various vowel spellings easier to teach and easier to memorize. Included with the 15 cards is the same vowel pack that is part of the Color Code materials on page 5.

The "Script" Tape comes with a typed script. It starts with the letters of the alphabet and consonant combinations, then proceeds to alternative sounds and spellings for intermediate students and tricky endings (like cial and tious) for advanced students.

The most essential sounds and spellings are at the beginning of each tape. This way, a beginning pupil can rewind the tapes and repeat the more basic material for ear training, while teachers and advanced students can play the tapes to the end for a review of alternative spellings and difficult spelling patterns.

Spelling Rules:
Tutors and older pupils can use this summary as a quick reference or as the basis for memorizing the most essential spelling rules.

Included are four small charts that put the "hopping-hoping-hopeful" rules and the "y" rules into a grid format.

Also included are the "yawn-cat-goat" chart that puts both the four sounds of y and the hard and soft sounds of c and g into visual form for easy reference.

Two cassettes, script, 15 cards, and vowel pack.................................$30
Spelling rules with five small charts.......................................................5                   
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Ear training and spelling rules for tutors and older pupils
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